Contact City Representatives

Let our City Council Members know that their districts could be left out from Google Fiber. Our representatives can negotiate for equality in city-wide infrastructure choices.

KCMO City Council

3rd District

Melba Curls

Phone: 816 513 6511

Jermaine Reed

Phone: 816 513 6513

5th District

Cindy Circo

Phone: 816 513 6519

Michael Brooks

Phone: 816 513 6521


Mayor Sly James

Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816 513 3500

Mayor Joe Reardon

Kansas City, KS
Phone: 913 573 5010

3 comments on “Contact City Representatives
  1. Anne Burkart says:

    Please helpmthe schools in you district get connected to Google Fiber.

  2. alw says:

    Links to KCPS board members. KCPS is mounting an effort to get the word out so contact them as well:

    There is a KCPS/Google event at the Google Fiber Space this Saturday, August 25 from 3pm-5pm to discuss how the KCPS can leverage this opportunity to address the digital divide. It's open to the public.

  3. kym kcmo says:

    I was very excited when google expanded the fiber project to KCMO. But with this "competition", I fear the digital divide in this city will become a rift, amplifying the existing socio-economic issues between our neighborhoods.

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Council Districts: Eligible for Google Fiber Today